I have felt a passion for art from an early age, which has persisted and evolved over time. 


My attraction to textile design stems from an interest in creating patterns, using vivid colours and experimenting with different materials and textures. It always enthralled me to see how pattern, material and colour can enliven a space or an outfit. I am drawn to the ubiquity of textiles- whether in fabrics, furnishing or fashion- and its consequent ability to marry fine art with daily life in a functional as well as exciting manner. I enjoy creating decorative patterns and experimenting with colour, and would like to take this interest in art and design further.

I have been fortunate enough to have lived in various cities across the world. From Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai in my native India, to Warsaw (Poland), St Andrews (Scotland), Athens (Greece), and currently New York, where I am pursuing an Associates Degree in Textile/Surface Design.

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